“Counting the Cost” is a Blog which emerged from the collaboration of many clergy, disciples, theologians, church historians, laity and educators who have shared and who share a common hope that individual learning and collaboration of likeminded Christians can result in change and transformation.  While Christian in origin and context, emphasis is on “faithful discipleship”.  Our vision is to expand the Biblical, Theological and Cultural literacy of people who choose to engage with our blogs and participate in our educational and mission ministries.

This is a blog which jointly represents two ministries:

The Disciples College, which was founded as Christian College of Georgia in 1947, and Chartered by the Secretary of State (to award certificates, diplomas and degrees in Biblical Studies and Theology);  and

The Mission for Biblical Literacy, founded in 1985  (to “Stamp Out Biblical Illiteracy”). Shifting focus in 1990, to reach out in a spirit of mutuality with the map of Scripture to places and people open to “opening the Bible” together, MBL moved into Russia, Armenia, Nicaragua, and lastly, into Haiti.

This Blog Site is made available through the generosity of Dr. Woody Kent, our sponsor. While the Reverend Dr. Kent will be the principal sponsor of the site, we continue to seek support through Benefactors, Sponsors, Advocates, and Friends.  (Each of these designations is based on a specified level of annual giving to Christian College of Georgia…”The Disciples College” or The Mission for Biblical Literacy.

Contact the President, Dr. Bob Harris, for more information or leave a message on the “Contact” form.  Or call Bob (Eastern Standard Time) at his mobile # 770-815-9078.

Jesus and the Inquisitive


Dr. Kent (Woody) is an honored Minister of the Gospel, educated in some of the premier institutions in America, and respected and honored for scholarship, alumnus service, writing, and, or course, ministry — local congregations, regional ministries, national ministries, and international societies.  Woody was Ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 1962.  He graduated with a B.A. from Lynchburg University, the M.A. from Butler University, the M. Div. from Christian Theological Seminary, and the D. Min. degree from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He served congregations in Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, and Georgia.  He was a distinguished and highly acclaimed Regional Minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Virginia, from where he served as the Regional-General Church Relations Committee Chair of the College of Regional Ministers.  Some, but not all, of his appointments include service on Campus Ministries Boards at the Universities of Miami and of Evansville, of Purdue University, and of Florida Institute of Technology.  He was a member of the Board of Trustees of Lynchburg University, where he was also named as the recipient of “The Distinguished Alumni Award.” His earned the Rapp Doctoral Dissertation Award from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (his dissertation is in at least 114 Accredited Seminary Libraries) and he has been published in “The Disciple”, “Vanguard”, and “Minister’s Bulletin.”  Woody was honored by the International Society of Theda Phi and the Shenandoah Valley Clergy and Congregations.  He served on the Church Finance Council, a General Disciples Unit, and on the Joint International Educators Committee of the National Council of Churches.

The Sponsorship of this Blog by Dr. Kent is an honor to both Christian College of Georgia…”The Disciples College”, and to the Mission for Biblical Literacy.  We regard him with esteem and gratitude, and it is our desire to share information and inspiration in a manner and style which honors his service and his devotion to God’s people.