The Cost of Illiteracy

What does it cost to be illiterate?

Influence and participation: one cannot vote.  Loss of economic options: one cannot have a bank account.  Inability to communicate by reading and writing.  No license to drive (or do just about anything else requiring a license).  Career ceiling is usually very low. Misunderstandings can occur; one may not understand the lingua franca EVEN if it is one’s own spoken language.  The signature of an illiterate person is simple: “X

What does it cost to be Biblically illiterate?  Theologically Illiterate? Culturally Illiterate?  It may not matter so much if one is not concerned with matters of faith, ultimate reality, or the influence of faith languages and traditions on the culture in which one lives.  BUT, if there is the least amount of concern about matters such as ultimate reality, God, relationships between people of faith, ethics, historical and cultural understandings, evil, goodness, suffering, or death (and the list could go on and on), then ILLITERACY is among the most costly conditions.

This Blog is about Counting the Cost — specifically the cost of being Biblical Illiteracy.  For the Westerner, the costs are immense.  And considering the influence of the West on the remainder of the world in times such as these, we might go so far as to say that the costs are immense for anyone living in the twenty-first century — unless, of course, they are living in a condition of disconnection from society at large, living under the control of a dictatorship, or living without the benefits of literacy in the basic sense of the word.  Nevertheless, even such a person as this would likely know exactly what you meant if you used the  phrase “it’s like the blind leading the blind.”  And if so, that person may be illiterate, but not entirely Biblically Illiterate.  And with that, we are off…

What would you do for the opportunity to enrich or enhance or enlarge your Literacy? If you are reading this, then you know that the question concerns the three arenas of literacy already specified: Biblical Literacy, Understanding and Living.  These are matters of the mind, the heart, and the body.  And you might surmise that if you enrich your literacy in these dimensions of your life, you are also going to expand not only your intellectual literacy but your emotional literacy as well. Are you interested?  If so, stay tuned to this Blog:

The posts which you will encounter will stimulate your thinking about topics of Illiteracy and what it might be like for you if you were more literate…and we all have room for increase of our literacy when it comes to the Bible, to God, and to the Culture which has not only been shaped by the Bible and Faith Traditions of Western Civilization, but also which shapes us, our institutions, and our governments.  This could be quite a ride.

The “ride” either begins or continues through (a) daily prayer, (b) daily Bible study, and (c) daily service.  May we have the privilege of helping you or someone you know get “on-track” with what we do best? We call it  Adult and Lifelong Learning.  Contact Dr. Bob Harris, President, at 770-815-9078.

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