Ten Days. No Blog

If you were anywhere last weekend (August 13, 14, 15) or anywhere since you know that there was a disaster in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.  Of course there were other disasters in the world of even greater consequence — in terms of loss of life, of course, or loss of property, or loss of security, or just about any other loss we can imagine. Hundreds dead in mudslides and floods in Sierra Leone.  US soldiers lost in a helicopter crash in Hawaii.  We were on the eve of a terrorist crash of vans into pedestrians in Barcelona.  And any untold number of other losses.

There is no need (or desire) to reiterate the events of Charlottesville, VA, here — at least not for now.  My point is simply that I lost all track of time and duty.  My blogging calendar dictates at least two blogs per week; I blew that one.  I am to write intensively at least twice each week; I forgot.  The NEWS overwhelmed me.  NEWS.  It can whelm.


young man crying

When I was in elementary school someone observed that NEWS was the acronym for North, East, West and South.  I didn’t believe it; but I didn’t forget it either.  It is clever.

And that is how it has been. Stuff happens.  And for the last week and one-half it has happened on every point of the compass.

One of the things I learn over and over as I blog is that I use terms that some may not understand.  For example, I wrote “every point of the compass.”  Does every reader of even know what a compass is anymore in these days of GPS and electronic directions?

That’s what happens in ten days I have learned early in my blogging career.  When there are disasters, I tend to lose my bearings.

Peace.  Let us pray for Peace…in Jerusalem, Samaria, Judea, Barcelona, Charlottesville, Hawaii, Korea and the uttermost parts of the world.

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