A Handful of Seeds

Learning is always local.  Learning is always personal. Regardless of how much the individual shares with others in his or her learning cohort, the actual expansion of the mind and heart, of the motivation to change, is INDIVIDUAL.

But Education has become GLOBAL.  For many people in the world today, educational resources are as close a the nearest electronic device.  There is more on the worldwide web than can ever be captured.  One might even say that much goes onto the worldwide waste-heap for lack of attention. Digital doses of information languish “out there” unless a LEARNER comes along and clicks on the opportunity.

It is the LEARNER who gives electronic education value.  Added value is the essence of schools, colleges, academies, institutes, centers, and foundations.  The learner engages with what is offered and “BAM”…something (someone) clicks and learning happens.

This BLOG is called “Counting The Cost”.   It’s like counting the seeds, and calculating the harvest. The Sower went out to sow and, according to the parable, sowed seed anywhere and everywhere.  His concern was that the seeds be sown, and not where they landed.

Jesus said to his first disciples: “Come, follow me.” And when He sent them out upon the completion of His earthly mission, he directed them to “Go into all the world.”  Disciples today can do both: Follow, and Go. And they go with seeds in their sacks, for they endeavor to proclaim liberty through Gospel Literacy.

We follow to learn. We go to serve. Learning is of little value if kept inside, like a collection of fireflies in a glass jar with a screw-on lid.  Learning motivates one to change–to change oneself, one’s environment, one’s world.

Are you ready to grab a handful of seeds and start sowing? That is what you can do through the ministries this blog offers, starting with www.biblicaltraining.org/lp/thedisciplescollege   Or contact Bob at 770-815-9078 (EST)

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