Too many things interest me.  There is not enough time in this life to do all that comes across my radar with flashing lights (much less all that simply comes across my radar).

I could add a new hobby each week.  In fact, I almost have.  There are hobbies in boxes, hobbies undone, hobbies on shelves, hobbies cluttering up my desk (okay, deskS -pl.) But there is no lack of enthusiasm, at least at the outset.

Blog picture -K Blanchard

Counting the cost, however, has shown me that I need discipline.  Counting the cost, I have discovered where I have wasted time, energy, money, etc.  Some things are simply not for me.

For instance, all summer long I contemplated finding and taking a course in picture-framing (I mean the whole nine-yards — mitre joinery for picture molding, mat-cutting, glass cutting). “Why do you want to do that?” the framer at Hobby Lobby asked.  Hmmm. “I want to learn to frame things because I have hobbies that I can display better if I know how to build my own frames.”  And then…I ordered a print; it arrived, ready for framing. Two frames and three pieces of glass already cut to size, combined with my frustration demonstrated to me that I have no business getting into the picture-framing business. I have the patience of a bird at the feeder and the dexterity of a moose.

My faith is not a hobby.  I know that I make efforts to “frame” my faith sometimes, when I am talking with a seeker or preparing a sermon.  But it is in my heart, and it comes to the fore at the most inconvenient times. And for almost sixty years, there have been amazing results. Why? Not because I am counting the cost.  No, it is because God does not seem to count the cost.  He has already paid it all, and now it is just up to me to put it to work to accept no excuses, and to recognize that another person’s interest in the Gospel can eventually grow into COMMITMENT.  It’s worth every ounce of whatever it takes.

I find that the best way to focus is through (1) daily prayer, (2) daily study, and (3) daily service.  We offer avenues and opportunities for both at The Disciples College and The Mission for Biblical Literacy.  Contact Dr. Bob Harris for details. 770-815-9078 (EST)

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