Who We Are

Who we are NOT: We are not “sheep stealers”; we do not have a doctrinal agenda; we are not critical of the variety of ways in which people live out their faith and vocations.

The ministries behind these posts are partners, the two having served together in a variety of ways since 1975.  The Disciples College (www.thedisciplescollege.org) was founded by Disciples of Christ in Georgia in 1947, and is formally designated as The Christian College of Georgia.

The Mission for Biblical Literacy (www.biblicalliteracy.org) was founded by one of the former presidents of Christian College of Georgia — Dr. Roger N. Carstensen — in 1975.

The purpose of The Disciples College has always been to provide education for persons who serve the church as lay ministers, licensed or commissioned ministers, and ordained ministers, along with offering campus ministries to Disciples students on major college campuses.  In essence, The Disciples College is an adult education institution, beginning with young adults in college and extending into communities and congregations. The reach is now in all thirty-five Regions of the US and Canada of the sponsoring denomination, as well as into various denominational partners.  In addition, we have educational partners in various parts of the US and in South Africa.

As an educational ministry, The Mission for Biblical Literacy originally served in HUNDREDS of congregations across the US, providing “Feasts of the Scriptures” in a unified effort to “Stamp Out Biblical Illiteracy.”  It was only with the opening of Russia through the demise of the USSR that Dr. Carstensen shifted gears to offer non-doctrinal Bible content efforts where newly-opened territories were flooded with “Bibles, Biblical Doctrine, and Blunt-forced proselytizing.”

Blog Sheep Stealing

Ultimately, the purpose of MBL has been simplified to this: “Opening the Bible.”  The leaders came to believe that by opening the Bible as a collection of 66 books, people could come to a personal knowledge of Scripture not typically offered  to them in most Christian denomination, and by opening the Bible and its calling to serve — in cross-cultural friendship and mutuality — many could be helped through the difficulties of living and sustained by Christians being like Christ to them at their point of need.

Because The Disciples College has always been flexible in moving into arenas which are least-served by more formalized institutions, including theological seminaries AND judicatory ministries, the College is able to reach those students who may never be able to attend a professional and accredited theological school as well as those laity who may not hear God’s call through the usual channels of Christian Vocation — especially where ministry has become relegate to the few Ordained clergy among us.

Both ministries work in a fluid, responsive manner, endeavoring to bring the Truth of Scripture and the Power of the Gospel to those who are hungering and thirsting for righteousness, for justice, for wisdom, and for knowledge.

The first step in Biblical Literacy, Understanding and Lifestyle — even for those who have been engaged for a lifetime — is to renew Bible Study.  This site offers many ways to approach Bible Study, one of which can be accessed immediately and at no cost.  And therefore, there is no cost to count: http://www.biblicaltraining.org/lp/thedisciplescollege

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