I Pledge…

Have you ever taken a pledge? If you are a citizen of the U.S.A., you have pledged your allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, AND to the Republic for which that flag stands, a single, united nation, under God, a nation which is indivisible, and a nation which assures liberty and […]

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Hospice: The Waiting Room

I have visited people in hospice. There is no other circumstance in  life that is like hospice: managed care.  Palliative care is different, although hospice managed care is a kind of palliative care.  With palliative care, there can be human hope for an improved quality of life. Hospice is the waiting room at the doorway of one’s […]

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Kingdom Leadership

Right out of the gate I concede that some readers may not like the use of the term “Kingdom.”  In reference to the Kingdom of God, a more accurate term may be “Reign of God.”  This term is preferred in some circles.  With that acknowledgement, however, I am going to use the term “Kingdom of […]

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Keeping Up With Numbers

The landmarks of her family are gone, forever. We tried to keep up with the numbers, which were more than numbers to us, because Jocelyn’s home was at the center of the news.  Jocelyn and I met in Santa Rosa, CA.  She had grown up there, her parents had grown up there, her grandparents had […]

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Images of Christ

Today the Mass I attended focused on a beautiful image of Jesus as recalled by Saint Faustina Kowalska  There are many images of Jesus, some of which are permanently enfolded in my mind from childhood Bible School, my personal Bible, and the surroundings of the sanctuary where I was baptized. Images of Christ inform our […]

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