Images of Christ

Today the Mass I attended focused on a beautiful image of Jesus as recalled by Saint Faustina Kowalska 

There are many images of Jesus, some of which are permanently enfolded in my mind from childhood Bible School, my personal Bible, and the surroundings of the sanctuary where I was baptized.

Images of Christ inform our Biblical Literacy.  An image of the boy Jesus in the Temple, when he failed to join His family in their return home from Jerusalem, served me in many ways during my own childhood and adolescence.  And image can do that, because we can call it to mind.  Among the many ways in which I employed this image was to justify my personal independence in contradicting the directives from my parents or teachers.  Didn’t you know that I……? It was usually insufficient to avoid the discipline I deserved.

It seems that the commandment against graven images to YHWH which was engraved in the tablet given to Moses was a commandment against the misuse or misapplication or misappropriation of an image.  The Nation of Israel was not to create a golden image of a “bush burning and not consumed” and then pledge allegiance to it as God (did they ever even consider doing so?)

Blog Picture 10 Commandments

I want to know, to understand, and to do what the Lord requires of me.  And I can apply what the Lord has show us, as what is good and what is required: “to do justice, and to love mercy and kindness, and to walk humbly with our God” (sic) Micah 6:8. I can apply this to my life through immersion in Scripture, devotion to and adoration of God, and then living in accord with what I have come to know and understand.

Engraved.  Written. Inscribed.  Recorded.  Jeremiah 31:33, for example; and Hebrews 10:16.  The Law of YHWH is written on our hearts.  The Law of the Lord is inscribed on our minds.

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