Christmas Sorrow

I don’t know what has happened.  India is so far away — by miles, by my lack of knowledge, by my privileges of living in comfort and security, with good health care and abundant opportunities. One of the dearest people I have ever known is a physician who serves in mission in India.  He serves […]

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Divinity Identity

“I’ve got Peace like a river in my soul.” But there is the saying that “you never step in the same river twice.” Which leads me to the question: “How do I know the Peace which is like a river in my soul if I step out of the river of peace and then step […]

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Hurry Up and Wait

There is a running joke in our household about how much longer a basketball game is toward the end than it is at the beginning.  My wife says that it takes an hour to play the last five minutes of a game.  To my surprise — and to her delight — a sportscaster said of […]

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