Christmas Sorrow

I don’t know what has happened.  India is so far away — by miles, by my lack of knowledge, by my privileges of living in comfort and security, with good health care and abundant opportunities.

One of the dearest people I have ever known is a physician who serves in mission in India.  He serves the poorest of the poor, the neediest of the needy, those broken in body, mind and spirit, those whose needs are always urgent.

Dr. Anil Henry became my friend a decade ago.  Something “over there’ has happened.  This man, and his wife (who is also a highly skilled and equally devoted physician) have been displaced.  I fear for them, but I know that they trust completely in God.  I have been crying for them.

I will learn more as time goes on.  Over the ten years I have known Dr. Anil Henry, I have held him in my heart (now broken for him, for his family, for those who will never know the care in his eyes or the skill in his hands or the love in  his heart) I have known him as a man of prayer Blog Picture Anil at prayer, a man of joy,Dr. Anil Henryand a man who could “make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”  The picture here is an example of a modest way in which he has brought the best of Western medicine to the broken physical plant of a hospital founded by his parents.

Blog Picture Anil Transformationa Doctor

Pray for Anil and Teri Henry, and their children, with me.  Merry Christmas.

Bob Harris

President – Christian College of Georgia….the Disciples College and the Mission for Biblical Literacy (serving in the US, in Russia, in Armenia, and in Haiti.). and 770-815-9078

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