Two Questions and Answers

As the “blogger” for The Disciples College and The Mission for Biblical Literacy, I am frequently asked two questions by friends and colleagues: Can you tell me more about Dr. “Woody” Kent, the sponsor of the blog “Counting the Cost”? and What are the curriculum tracks which are offered for Biblical Literacy and Education for […]

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Countdown to Seekers Course

Getting started.  The Bible is the place we begin.  Some courses begin with our experience.  Some begin with literature in which we can see what the author “might be getting at” and then use that as a starting point for our journey.  Other courses begin with a grand sweep of sacred writings, helping us to […]

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Our Followers

Counting The Cost, the Blog of The Disciples College ( and The Mission for Biblical Literacy (, is beginning to gather some following on the Internet. If you are following our Blog, please know that we are grateful for your interest in our ministries and your desire to keep in touch.  We count you among […]

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While We Seek Seekers

Remembering what it felt like when I was a “seeker” of God takes me back to my testimony.  I was about this age, and usually barefooted. Through the almost constant inspiration of Nature in my rural and small-town background, I finally told my mother that I wanted to find out more about God.  My mother […]

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A Circle Begins

All this stuff about spirituality and religion and origins and destinies — what if I just don’t know where to begin? Asking that question qualifies a person as a “seeker.”  And the plan which is in place for the serious seeker, whose framework is informed by Christian language, is the topic of this blog. Imagine […]

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Getting Ahead of Myself

Maybe I have always done it.  Idea leads to action leads to regret.  “Seller’s Remorse”? I have a grand idea, I do something about it or make a promise to do something, and then I find something else which I ought to have been doing instead.  The “grand ideas” are going to have to learn […]

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