Getting Ahead of Myself

Maybe I have always done it.  Idea leads to action leads to regret.  “Seller’s Remorse”?

I have a grand idea, I do something about it or make a promise to do something, and then I find something else which I ought to have been doing instead.  The “grand ideas” are going to have to learn to wait. That’s all I can say.

Blog picture Horse Race

Take this “blog” for example: I have made a couple of promises on the blog which I have decided were premature; they are not properly crystallized for my management or my articulation, and I regret making them.  However, if the reader does not remember them or had no expectation, then “no harm, no foul.” Every idea has a life of its own; and good ideas can be put on the shelf.  Let’s just leave it at that, or this entry could turn in to a mini-psychoanalysis.  What is important is what I am actually going to do instead of what I said I would do when I got ahead of myself.  And what I am going to do is exactly what I intended to do when I started “Counting the Cost.”

And so, here is the plan.  “Counting the Cost” was conceived in reference to Christian Discipleship.  A person seeks Truth. That person discovers Truth in Scripture, and the Source of that Truth is Jesus Christ.  The person decides that he or she wants to follow Jesus, and therefore becomes a follower.  As time passes, the person realizes that there is more to living in the Truth than mere “following” and he, or she, makes a commitment to become a Disciple.  Discipleship is a full-time vocation; but sometimes Disciples elect to devote more of their study and “discipline” and serving to roles which occupy their engagement in the world of work — they sense a deeper calling into the role of “servant-leader” within one of the established institutions which engages them, supports them, trains them, and ultimately compensates them.  Our culture has named this “ministry” even though we acknowledge that all Disciples have a vocation of ministry.  (When I was growing up, this option was called “full-time Christian service”.)

Blog Picture Balloon Race Reno

Now I caught up with myself and with the purpose of this blog.  The purpose is to help  instill a sense of accountability for anyone who is at any stage along the journey: seeker, follower, disciple, and servant-leader.  Which one are you?  What has your own journey been about?

Watch this blog for encouragement along the way.  If you are a seeker, then we will be offering some suggestions on how you might participate in one of our Bible education or Biblical Literacy programs of discovery.

If you are a follower, we have opportunities to move into a deeper discipline in order to make the commitment which characterizes Disciples.  And if you are a Disciple who is discerning a deeper calling into Servanthood through one of the many and varied ways in which the matrix of Christian faith and expression engages those who are so prepared, you will find that this site may be exactly what you need.

Our focus is on competency in Bible study, competency in deeper learning, competency in Discipleship, and competency in Ministry.  We do this through our two educational and service programs of The Disciples College and The Mission for Biblical Literacy.

Won’t you join us?

Bob Harris, President, 770-815-9078 (EST) and

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