A Circle Begins

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All this stuff about spirituality and religion and origins and destinies — what if I just don’t know where to begin?

Asking that question qualifies a person as a “seeker.”  And the plan which is in place for the serious seeker, whose framework is informed by Christian language, is the topic of this blog.

Imagine that you want to remodel a bedroom (we could choose restoring an antique vehicle or constructing a house, but we are going to start modestly).  A bedroom.  What this implies is that there is the “shell” of a bedroom — you know where your walls are, your ceiling, your door(s), windows, and any fixed items like built-in shelves, etc.  That is your context.  There is an occupant — you know who is going to use the bedroom and what the general contents will be.  There is the rest of the house or apartment — you know where the bedroom is  in relation to the structure itself, and something about access to the room, traffic patterns, the location of the kitchen, bath, living area, etc.  There are the elements which will make up the basics of the bedroom.


Some people will just stand here and stare at the enormity of the project.  Others will dive right in, and start assembling.  Some will use a set of instructions.  Others will ask the advice of friends and family, or even strangers.  Many will leave the room, overwhelmed, and “Google” it.  And that can lead to all kinds of tangents.

That is an analogy of seeking to discover the basics of religion.  Note: we have already narrowed the focus, as we did with the construction project, to the context of the “Christian Faith.”  And that, itself, is a rather grand scheme or context.  The elements (furniture, etc.) which you will find on this site are not intended to be all you will require to begin your search; in fact, you may begin here, decide to scrap it, and start with another plan altogether.  That is just okay.  There are many ways to search religion and spirituality, just as there are many ways to build a bedroom.  And the search needs to fit the seeker, just as the room needs to fit the occupant.  With these caveats out in the open, let’s look at what you will have as your “construction elements” for your spiritual search.

First, you will approach the subject through a course of study.  What we are offering here, is a course which includes six subjects, each including lectures on 8-10 basic themes.  The methodology is also basic: relatively brief audio lectures with note-taking and comprehension quizzes.  There is no pass or fail; there are no grades.  You will measure how much of the content you have grasped, and it will be up to you to decide if you are in the right place for the search.

The six subjects are as follow:

  1. the Christian Faith
  2. the Existence of God
  3. the Incarnation (Jesus Christ)
  4. the Choice: Christ or Religion
  5. the Bible
  6. the Resurrection of Jesus

When you finish, you will have a decision to make.  That decision is whether you want to study more about the Christian faith (your mentor can help you decide), or whether you would prefer to examine another religion, or whether you are no longer interested at all, or whether you have one “really big question” that you need an answer for (your mentor will help you with this and will NOT try to persuade you to accept any particular point of view).

This brings us to the starting point (we are back at the shell of a bedroom with pieces of furniture lying around, paint cans, tools, instruction books, maybe a rug or two, some lighting, etc.).  It is the starting point of a circle, and right now there is really no clear clue about where that circle will take you.  It is either appealing or it is not.  Is this what you are looking for as a starting place for your Spiritual Search?  Is this what you would like to spend a few weeks doing as a Spiritual Seeker?

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T. S. Eliot

So — what’s it giong to be?

If you want to get started all you need to do is this: go to http://www.zoominary.com (yes, “zoominary” sounds kind of like “seminary”) When you go to this website, you will read instructions on registration to be included in the first class of seekers. None of your fellow seekers will know any more about you that you care to share, and you will be assured that your personal information will not be shared with anyone.  There are  more details at http://www.zoominary.com

See you there?

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