While We Seek Seekers

Remembering what it felt like when I was a “seeker” of God takes me back to my testimony.  I was about this age, and usually barefooted. Through the almost constant inspiration of Nature in my rural and small-town background, I finally told my mother that I wanted to find out more about God.  My mother sought out our pastor to sit down with me, and her and my dad, and we had a conversation.

I Wanted To Find Out More About God


Out pastor was gentle, kind, and my view — surrounded as we were in his study with books and religious objects and more books and art and more books — very wise.  He explained to me some of the basics of the Christian faith, which I either remember happening or have reconstructed over the years, and what it meant to made a decision to follow Jesus Christ.  My heart was warmed.  I had this “knowledge” that I wanted to make such a decision.  As the hymn goes, and as my philosophy professor a dozen years later would ridicule, “You ask me how I know He lives!  He lives within my heart.”

Ask Me How I Know He Lives

While that affirmation may not pass muster on an introductory philosophy assignment, it was perfectly suitable for me as I publicly confessed Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and become a “Follower.”  I would follow him to whatever lengths I could imagine.  I would do for others what He did for them, and I would do for him what He did for us.

But at the age of eight, I didn’t quite understand all that could mean, and I didn’t have a clue what obstacles and opportunities and objections I would encounter along the way.  No idea!  But I knew in my heart what I knew in my heart…and that “knowledge” remains to this day…almost six decades later.  It is just how I know.

The Disciples College Classes — What We Are Offering for Seekers and Followers

In the previous blog entry — “A Circle Begins” — I outlined the topics for our online course for “Seekers”.  This is an introduction to some of the basics of the Christian faith.  While we acknowledge that there are “seekers” in other traditions, and while we want to encourage anyone to search until you find what you are looking for, our programs are distinctively Christian.  When a student advances into deeper learning — for example, Comparative Religion or The Basics of Islam — he or she is engaging in that study through the lens of Scripture as we know it within the Jewish-Christian traditions: the Bible.

We never tear down or ridicule the faith of anyone.  However, we affirm that our “platform” is that of the Bible, the Traditions of Christianity, the Experience of those who have gone before, and our best Understanding as we test what we are learning in a way that leads us to the Truth.  And while we have courses ongoing throughout the year (Biblical Training Courses ) which students may choose, we urge those who are SEEKERS to begin at the place in the previous blog: “A Circle Begins”.

The NEXT course will be for followers.  When a person decides that he or she is ready to take the next step and make a deeper commitment to the “Way” as the Christian faith was sometimes described in our history, then we direct that person to a twelve-week course entitled “Life is a Journey.”  This course will be explained in a bit more detail in the next blog; but for now, if you are thinking about what course or courses you may want to take, read “A Circle Begins” and see if you want more than is offered there — then reach out to Bob Harris.  I will help you make some decisions about enrollment.

Dr. Bob Harris, President.  Call Eastern Standard Time 770-815-9078 or email rharris@thedisciplescollege OR bharris0623@gmail.com

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