Our Followers

Counting The Cost, the Blog of The Disciples College (www.thedisciplescollege.org) and The Mission for Biblical Literacy (www.biblicalliteracy.org), is beginning to gather some following on the Internet.

If you are following our Blog, please know that we are grateful for your interest in our ministries and your desire to keep in touch.  We count you among our supporters.  While we do not presume to publish that which is agreeable to all, we make a concerted effort to post information which (a) is aligned with our vision for wholeness for individuals, for families, for congregations, and for communities, (b) is in fulfillment of our mission to advance vitality in congregational life and mission endeavor, and (c) is suitable for initiatives which lead to dialogue among people and to continuing education for our friends.

We are an educational and mission project, with roots in the Stone-Campbell Movement (an indigenous American Christian movement which began among Scottish Presbyterians and Appalachian Baptists).  While we are not among those institutions of higher education which participate in State-sponsored programs or accrediting groups of the “academy,” we are intentional in providing learning opportunities for adults which is of the highest quality, with theological integrity and responsible scholarship.  In our mission efforts, we begin with compassion for the whole person, without respect to creed or doctrinal judgment, and we extend our hearts to help heal the wounds of people and people groups, just as we know that Jesus Christ did as the Scripture is our witness.


Therefore: as one of our followers, your ideas and suggestions and inquiries are of tremendous value to us.  Please let us know ways in which we might be more responsive to your needs and interests, and always know that you may contact our President (Dr. Bob Harris) directly at bharris0623@gmail.com or Eastern Standard Time at 1-770-815-9078.

We invite you to look over our websites to keep abreast of our projects in the US, Russia, Armenia, and Haiti.  Our current educational programs in the US include basic online education for “Seekers”, more advanced online education for “Followers”, accelerated education for “Disciples”, and competency-based education at collegiate and seminary levels for “Servant-Leaders.”  Our ongoing mission projects in Haiti, Russia and Armenia focus on Biblical Content Literacy, Religious Education, Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Agriculture, and Recovery efforts for those impacted by addiction diseases.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and to afford you the privilege of participating in meaningful mission with documented positive impact and responsible stewardship of philanthropic gifts.  Our mission projects permit us, because of our volunteer structure, to devote 100% of donor funds directly to the projects specified.  For gifts to our Mission for Biblical Literacy General Fund, the monies also go directly into mission projects.  Donations to the Disciples College are used to fund our program development and delivery; however, we do pay some personnel modest compensation for their work with college and university students and our information and financial management.  We are as transparent as any organization you may encounter, and we are happy to discuss the use of any donations or giving which you might be considering.

Please keep The Disciples College and The Mission for Biblical Literacy in your prayers.


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