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We are on schedule for February — the first day of our “Seeker Education Course” was February 8, and we are now into our second week.  Students from across the country have confirmed that what we offer is what is needed; and what is needed is a basic education in Christian beliefs and Bible study.

This course of study includes sixty lessons (average length of five minutes of audio lecture, ten minutes of reading, a quick quiz, a suggested process of journal writing, and a live group session lasting about forty minutes).   In other words , in a period of seven weeks, students will complete about three hours each week — Students are entering a new phase of discovery, and with the power of our “Zoominary” they can study and learn and share and grow in a group setting — all online.

Jesus taught it simply: “Askand it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”  (Matthew 7:7)

What we are offering is an opportunity for students to hear lectures on sixty topics related to the Christian faith.  Then, in our online gathering each week, students gather to ask questions, share discoveries, and discuss their opinions.

After Easter, we will offer this course again, and we will also introduce a course for “Followers” — people who would like to map out their personal journeys in life, to align their path with the “Way” of Christ, and to study “Major Stories” of the Bible.

This is an exciting time for The Disciples College and The Mission for Biblical Literacy.

Concurrently, we are offering our regular course which offers ministerial training in the History and Polity of the denomination with which we are most closely associated — the Campbell-Stone heritage course for Disciples of Christ.  This course, as always, is taught by the Reverend Jerry Gladson, Ph.D., through our partner platform

Please contact Dr. Bob Harris, President, for questions about any of our courses, and look for opportunities for expanding your ministry as a Disciple of Jesus Christ and as a Servant-Leader.  770-815-9078

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