Smartphone Fingerprint Security

SmartphoneI continue to set up additional “security by fingerprint” on various applications on my smartphone.  It is easy.  It simply requires that I use the security function of the selected app, then run my selected finger across the lens several times until the phone is “certain” of my biological identity.

Come to think of it:  I wonder if this is really secure…

Oh, well.  That’s the way things are in our digital world.

They say that no two fingerprints are alike.  Each of us has our own identity security site built right into our hands.  It means that once our fingerprint is officially on the record, we are in the system, we can be “tracked”, and we are then known to be exactly the person God created us to be.  Or at least in a physiological sense.  But are we?  Am I the person God created me to be?  Are you the person God created you to be?

One of the reasons we offer courses for “Seekers” is in order that people can discover who God is.  Once someone realizes that God is their Creator, that they are unique, and that God has a plan and purpose for their life, they are in a place where they can begin to make decisions about how they choose to live…by what standard, for what reasons, in what manner.

Seekers who choose to live according to the plan and purpose of their Creator — those who want the “stamp” of their Creator on their life to be their identity — and who choose to advance in their study with us are considered “Followers.”  Followers who decide to enter a disciplined learning season in order to be more like Christ and less like the world — those who understand that their self-image is relatively unimportant in comparison to the value God places on their life — are called “Disciples.”  And Disciples who move into the arena of developing their gifts and graces, their competencies and commitment, to serving God by serving others are enrolled into our “Ministry” program (or are assisted in finding a suitable training program to match their vocation or calling).

This, in a smartphone world, is a snapshot of what we offer as The Disciples College and The Mission for Biblical Literacy.

Call on Dr. Bob Harris, President, for more information.  Email to or call (Eastern Standard Time) 770-815-9078

We are here to serve.  We are here to serve YOU.

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