Summit !

What brand of beer were they drinking?  Or was it iced tea?

Those were the questions I heard being discussed on the news channel this morning, as they reviewed photos of key leaders from North Korea dining with the US Secretary of State.  Needless to say, the story which was developing did not get my attention.  Have we as consumers of media become so petty that this even matters?  I am certain that there will be follow-up stories and possibly even questions in a White House news conference.

This doesn’t make a huge difference in my day; but it is nevertheless a minimal addition to the general distress I have when trying to decipher what is newsworthy amid all the noise. The programs which I turn from quickly when watching TV are the ones where there are three or more talking heads all talking simultaneously, sandwiched in by commercials, most of which involve some kind of drugs.

So what is the news topic?  The topic is a potential summit between the leaders of North Korea and the United States.  It would seem that there is more to discuss than beverages.

Blog Picture North Korea Missle

But at Pentecost, when the second most significant event in history occurred, the Book of Acts tells us that those present were discussing….????  Yes, you guessed it: What had they been drinking.  The more things change, the more they remain the same.  Are these men drunk?  It’s not even lunch-time yet.

Well, they were not drunk on any beverage, but they WERE being filled with the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus had promised.  The event, which we recently celebrated as “Pentecost” was the turning point in the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  At Pentecost, people from all of the countries and people groups in the region heard the Good News being proclaimed in their own language.  It was a miraculous day.

Today, we have opportunities for students to watch and hear and read and learn more and more about Jesus.  That is what we do at The Disciples College and The Mission for Biblical Literacy.  We prepare people for a world, whether or not there is a summit of North Korea and the US.  We pray that whatever happens in the leadership of these two countries will contribute to a greater sense of peace as well as relief from citizens and prisoners in both countries who are in distress.  We promise that what we offer, amid all the changes which will come in the future regardless of what occurs in June with the proposed Summit, the unchanging Truth of Scripture for Seekers, Followers, Disciples and Ministers of the Gospel.

Join us.  You may find yourself reaching for your own summit; you may have a mountain-top experience.  Or you may find that God will provide the faith that you are ready for in order to know the fullness of eternal life given to all who believe.

Bob Harris, President or 770-815-9078 (Eastern Standard Time)

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