To Sell, or Not to Sell

I watched a YouTube video this morning where the presenter argued against spending time blogging UNLESS you are a naturally gifted writer or a leader of a very large organization where your blogging can be a part of your leadership. He was advising business owners not to spend valuable time blogging with the expectation that the activity would result in increased sales, or even in increased contacts.

Quill and ink for blog

The Disciples College ( and The Mission for Biblical Literacy ( are not businesses.  Yes, we operate our business functions in a responsible manner, with accountability and transparency.  But we are not “for profit” enterprises.  Our income is based on charitable donations, registrations for educational programs, and grants.

As President, I took up blogging as a way to reach out to the keep constituents connected.  But I also have hoped to increased interest in our educational programs and to generate support for our ministries. I do not blog excessively.  I do not spent an inordinate amount of time blogging.  But I do want to do justice to the generosity of our “blog sponsor” and my commitment to him and others to keep our message “out there” on the world-wide web.  I think we are gaining some traction in this regard.

Blogging is also a vehicle by which I can regularly share the Good News of Jesus Christ to any and all who may simply come across the blog.  God loves you, and God has a wonderful plan for your life.  (I learned that introduction to evangelism from Campus Crusade for Christ in 1971–the first of the “four spiritual laws”. )  It is True.

If you would enjoy knowing more about our ministries, I would enjoy a conversation.  We can communicate via email ( or by telephone (770-815-9078 or Skype robert.harris0623).  Reach out if you would like more information or if you would simply enjoy a conversation about ministry.  Ministry, service to others because God loves us, is what we are all about.

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