New Year. New People. New Relationships. New Opportunities. New Challenges. New Adventures. New Possibilities.

No Resolutions, this year; but we do have some changes on the horizon. The Disciples College has enjoyed almost seventy years of ministry and service, and our place in the hearts of Christians across the USA and around the world is such that we really do have abundant opportunities and abundant gratitude.

We express our appreciation to all who have stepped forward to support this ministry — Christian College of Georgia — as well as our partner ministry — The Mission for Biblical Literacy. It is essential to clarify that these are two separate ministries, two distinct purposes, two accounting and banking processes with NO blending of funds. If you give to one, you will receive an acknowledgement for that giving; if you give to BOTH, you will receive at least two acknowledgements, from separate legal entities. Also, because I had a question, I want to ensure our supporters that our ministry partnership with other institutions is clearly partnership in service; we do not exchange goods, services or funds between the ministry or ministries you support and our partner ministries, unless those ministries are specified under the umbrella of our missions. For example, Disciples on Campus is a ministry of Christian College of Georgia. The Haiti Project for health and education is a ministry of the Mission for Biblical Literacy. The South African Theological Seminary, on the other hand, is a ministry PARTNER; we simply labor together for shared visions.

I had a conversation with someone today which caused me to make this clarification. We look forward to corresponding with you, our readers, as we advance through the year ahead. And we appreciate, so much, your reading about us, corresponding with US, and keeping us in your prayers. You may always receive information and/or assistance in accordance with our ministries and purposes with a phone call (Eastern Standard Time/New York Time) to Dr. Bob Harris at 1-770-815-9078.

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