Duration of a Crucifixion

We don’t really know how long it takes to be crucified. We do know that there are still those who practice this form of execution. But there are many, many variables. The method of crucifixion. Weather. The condition of the criminal or victim (when it comes to crucifixion, the distinction is almost irrelevant) at the time of the actual nailing and tying to the cross.

We don’t know, in particular, how long it took for Jesus to be crucified. We know the sequence of incidents which led to his execution. When he was finally “handed over” to be crucified, a number of horrific things happened.

Yes, this blog entry is about crucifixion of Jesus; and there at the heading is that gentle, kind, longing-for-us face. Too often we don’t think that much about it. I know that in my daily prayers, I mention His crucifixion. I know that I pray for Him to have mercy on my soul, and on the souls of those most in need. How much did you think of Jesus being crucified for you and those you love today? Last week? Or on the average, during any given day?

I am thinking about how long it took. He hung there (this is after the nails were driven into his hands and feet and the cross was dropped into the hard, rocky hole in the soil on Mt. Calvary.) He hung. Stayed. Remained. And suffered on the cross an almost immeasurable duration of time.

Hung. Hours. Time trickling by in rivulets of blood, longer than we can imagine…as long as the duration of a good night’s sleep. If we put it in those terms, we don’t have to think about it. We can almost dream it away.

He hung, stretched out awaiting darkness. The delayed shame of those who would take him down required darkness. Anyone who dared to remove him, especially without permission, would surely guarantee themselves a place on His cross, or one much like it. It was an altogether natural fear, followers fretting about their next move, and its timing, while he hung there. Would they remove him slowly, or would they panic and make a mess of it? Would they be observed, chased, caught, crucified? It was no job for the faint of heart.

We focus on Christ at the Disciples College and the Mission for Biblical Literacy. Sometimes, our focus becomes rather graphic; sometimes unsettling. If you don’t mind the discomfort, and if you think you might find the time, join us in study, mission, or both. We have room for you.

Oh, and one more more important thing, in the words of the hymn: “There’s room at the cross for you; there’s room at the cross for you. Though many have come, there is still room for one. There is room at the cross for you.”

Call me. Bob Harris, President. 770-815-9078. We have opportunity. To serve, to grow, to learn.

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