Honor Roll

As I was growing up, one of the Bible verses “drilled” into my mind and heart was II Timothy 2:15: “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that neededth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” To type such a verse drives the “spellcheck” crazy. It does not recognize Old […]

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Duration of a Crucifixion

We don’t really know how long it takes to be crucified. We do know that there are still those who practice this form of execution. But there are many, many variables. The method of crucifixion. Weather. The condition of the criminal or victim (when it comes to crucifixion, the distinction is almost irrelevant) at the […]

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New Year. New People. New Relationships. New Opportunities. New Challenges. New Adventures. New Possibilities. No Resolutions, this year; but we do have some changes on the horizon. The Disciples College has enjoyed almost seventy years of ministry and service, and our place in the hearts of Christians across the USA and around the world is […]

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This past weekend, we had some time with our eleven-year-old granddaugther, making Christmas decorations, writing Christmas cards, and discussing the stories of Advent.   She is pleasantly curious, saying at one point as we discussed the doctrine of the Trinity (not in those terms, of course) “I have thought about that alot…how there could be God […]

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I knew, as soon as I committed to taking a Sabbatical, that I was in over my head. It was my first sabbatical in 45 years of working full-time.  It was my first ministry sabbatical in 33 years.  I thought that fact was rather curious.  Nevertheless, I made the decision, got my ducks in a […]

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Bigger Than Me

Yes. Goliath would qualify.  Goliath is bigger than me.  In fact, I am not even as big as David.  Sometimes I wish I could have been just a bit bigger than I am.  But I usually come to my senses and know that I could never measure up to a giant, and I would prefer […]

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To Sell, or Not to Sell

I watched a YouTube video this morning where the presenter argued against spending time blogging UNLESS you are a naturally gifted writer or a leader of a very large organization where your blogging can be a part of your leadership. He was advising business owners not to spend valuable time blogging with the expectation that […]

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Summit !

What brand of beer were they drinking?  Or was it iced tea? Those were the questions I heard being discussed on the news channel this morning, as they reviewed photos of key leaders from North Korea dining with the US Secretary of State.  Needless to say, the story which was developing did not get my […]

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Smartphone Fingerprint Security

I continue to set up additional “security by fingerprint” on various applications on my smartphone.  It is easy.  It simply requires that I use the security function of the selected app, then run my selected finger across the lens several times until the phone is “certain” of my biological identity. Come to think of it:  […]

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Bits and Pieces of Denominations

Why do churches split?  What happens to a congregation when it reaches the point of “enough is enough” or “this is no longer for us” or “we are not sending ‘them’ any more money”? Denominations dwindle.  If we look, we see it everywhere.  And while denominational executives and drum-majors like to say that “churches are […]

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