A new department has been created at The Disciples College.  Georgia Servants and Saints will be featured in “The Disciples College of Faithful Servants”.  This will become a living documentary, in the format of vignettes (tutorial will be provided to writers), about Georgia Disciples who have influenced who we are today.  

Those Disciples of the past and present will be recognized in a digital catalog, and anyone who volunteers to write may submit a document (up to 1,000 words).  This project will require the assistance from many who are not connected via the Internet; therefore we will also have volunteers who are willing to search for facts and memories about persons nominated for inclusion in the project.  More information can be found on the Facebook — Christian College “The Disciples College”.  

This will not be the only blog post about “The Disciples College of Faithful Servants”.  Please return to read more as the project evolves and takes shape.  And please join in. 

  • Bob Harris, 770-815-9078